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How to Import MKV files into Windows Movie Maker

In this article we will introduce how to import and convert MKV to Windows Movie Maker without downloading the MKV codec for Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker is windows and above with a video clip software, it is relatively simple, you can combine the lens, sound, add the camera to switch effects, suitable for home after some small-scale processing. You can make different movies by editing on Windows Movie Maker. However, some movies (such as MKV files) are not recognized in Movie Maker. Do not let this format problem prevent you from showing your creativity. To make MKV files compatible with Windows Movie, you simply convert MKV to a format supported by Windows Movie Maker, such as WMV or AVI.

How to Import MKV files into Windows Movie Maker
The article would show you how To change MKV format for Windows Movie Maker step by step with a professional Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac,  It helps you effortlessly convert MKV files to WMV or AVI, which can be highly compatible…