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Problems with Kodi When Playing H.265 Videos

Kodi doesn’t seem to play H.265 videos perfectly? To playback H.265 with Kodi on desktop PC easily, check out this tutorial below.
Kodi has become one of the most popular ways to watch TV and movies. With the growth of smaller PCs, on-demand streaming and downloadable content, it has never been simpler to bring your favourite flicks into your living room, and Kodi is possibly the best way to do it. Got some new files in H.265 codec and wanna add them on your Kodi (originally known as XBMC - or 'Xbox Media Center')?  However, it seems a bit complicated as Kodi won't open 4K H.265 as expected.

Q1: H.265 video play terrible on kodi on ts451A
I have some H.265 video, I played them on kodi 16 & 17,but the frame droped terrible and video and voice didn't sync. I checked the cpu ocupy is 100%. I want to know if the ts451's cpu not strong enough or the kodi is not work proper for H.265. It's seem's that the hardware accelerate didn't work.
Q2: Andr…