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How to Rip and Convert DVD to iTunes in Win/Mac

Want to rip DVD to iTunes (iTunes 12.6) supported video formats for iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.? Simply follow this article to import DVD movies to iTunes!
While you may get your movies and TV shows digitally, you probably still have a DVD collection. You can certain watch these DVDs the usual way, with a DVD player, but wouldn’t it be great to get the movies off of DVD discs and into your iTunes library, so you can sync them to your iPad or iPhone, and watch them anywhere? You will always want to have access to your DVDs whenever you feel like. Actually, your goal is easy to achieve. All you have to do is convert DVD to iTunes-compatible format with a DVD ripping tool. This article provides you with the detailed information for how to rip and import DVD to iTunes on Mac OS (macOS Sierra included).

Getting the software to rip DVD to iTunes
There are many DVD ripping programs out there that allow you to make copies of your DVDs and let you watch them the way you want to view the…