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Convert MKV to MOV,MP4,ProRes on MacOS Sierra

Convert SD/HD/4K MKV Files on Mac OS (macOS Sierra, EI Capitan Included) or Windows 10.
MKV format is a very popular video format that is supported by the majority of media players. But Mac's MKV support is not that good and many Mac users may suffer stuttering playback when watching MKV with preinstalled QuickTime, especially after upgrading macOS 10.12 Sierra. This article will share two easy methods to play MKV on MacOS Sierra, so that you can have a smooth MKV playback on MacOS with ease.

Method 1. Play MKV on macOS Sierra with QuickTime Component [No 100% work guarantee]
Perian is a open-source software app that makes viewing your media files easier. Basically, Perian enables QuickTime application support for a wide variety of media files. It installs easily as long as you have no software already installed that can conflict with Perian. So, before installing Perian, you need to remove all QuickTime Components installed on your Mac, like FFusion, Xvid Delegate, 3ivX,…