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Watch DVD on G6 2017 - View DVD movies on LG G6 Android Phone

The best DVD players for LG G6 2017 are included on this page. Get your favorite Android DVD player to watch DVD movies on LG G6 Android phone.
The G6 is LG's best to see the flagship, polished G6 with streamlined beauty and smooth design. It is almost no border. The 5.7-inch screen occupies about 80% of the phone, leaving a weak edge, more comfortable sliding and feeling a little luxury. LG G6 screen with a very smart 18: 9 mode, 18 to 9 can be more effective use of the Android system, this ratio allows some movies to take full advantage of the display.
However, it is well known that Android phones do not have DVD drives for DVD movies. This means that there is no such thing to let you directly on the LG G6 Android phone directly play DVD discs. So what if you want to play DVD on LG G6? This is your best solution:

If you don't want to change the default media player on your Android phone, here is another solution; to convert DVD movie to LG G6 compatible video f…