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How to Rip a DVD for Editing in After Effects

It's easy to bring DVD material into After Effects! In this article, we will show you how to effectively convert DVD to After Effects compatible format for editing, without any hassle.
Sometimes you need to import the material on the DVD after Effects CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, etc., for further editing. However, the DVD movie itself can not work in After Effects. In order to bring DVD to After Effects, DVD video files must be removed from the CD and then converted. This process allows you to record DVD movies in After Effects.

To finish the task, you're recommended to use Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac .a professional yet easy-to-use DVD ripping application which can be used in Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. With it, you can fast convert DVD movies to After Effects highly compatible video format with loss-less quality. Besides, the program also exports optimized presets for you to edit DVD in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pr…

Watch DVD on G6 2017 - View DVD movies on LG G6 Android Phone

The best DVD players for LG G6 2017 are included on this page. Get your favorite Android DVD player to watch DVD movies on LG G6 Android phone.
The G6 is LG's best to see the flagship, polished G6 with streamlined beauty and smooth design. It is almost no border. The 5.7-inch screen occupies about 80% of the phone, leaving a weak edge, more comfortable sliding and feeling a little luxury. LG G6 screen with a very smart 18: 9 mode, 18 to 9 can be more effective use of the Android system, this ratio allows some movies to take full advantage of the display.
However, it is well known that Android phones do not have DVD drives for DVD movies. This means that there is no such thing to let you directly on the LG G6 Android phone directly play DVD discs. So what if you want to play DVD on LG G6? This is your best solution:

If you don't want to change the default media player on your Android phone, here is another solution; to convert DVD movie to LG G6 compatible video f…

How to Convert DVD to MOV for Playback on QuickTime on Mac/Windows

Want to watch DVD movies with QuickTime player? In this case, you need to convert DVD to MOV since MOV is well supported by QuickTime. Here is how.
Want to watch your favorite DVD movies with QuickTime player? Well, QuickTime Player can't play DVD formatted files. Commercial DVDs are encrypted and only special DVD player software can open and display them. It's a pity that even your own (not encrypted) DVDs couldn't be played by QuickTime Player, either. So what is the best method to transfer movies on a DVD to QuickTime?

To get the work done, you need to convert DVD to MOV since MOV is well supported by QuickTime, iTunes and other Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. In this case, a professional DVD to QuickTime Converter is necessary. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac  iis highly recommended. It can definitely do you a favor to remove copy protections, and rip the movies to a QuickTime Player compatible format .MOV with fast speed and hig…

How to transfer & Sync DVD movies to iCloud

In order to upload and transfer DVD movies to iCloud, you'll need to convert DVD to iCloud compatible video formats. Here is how to do it.
DVD has a very good image quality and sound quality and is the main product in most markets. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. With your Apple ID and iCloud, you can easily transfer anything to iCloud for backup and syncing. If you have lots of movies on DVD, you may want to upload the DVDs to iCloud so that you can watch them when you want without having to insert a DVD into a DVD player. However, iCloud does not offer a facility for syncing DVD movies. To store DVDs on iClound, you may have to convert and rip DVD to iCloud supported file formats first.

To convert DVD to iClound format on Mac. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is highly recommended. The program provides good quality output regardless of the end device that you are going to use. It can convert DVD to iCloud supported Qui…

How do you import video from a DVD into FCP?

Ever wondered to import DVD movies to Final Cut Pro X/7/6? The following guide will show you how to rip DVD to FCP editable video formats on Mac.
When Apple first released, Final Cut Pro set off a storm in the field of video editing. Due to the non-linear advanced and powerful editing features, it is definitely the best tool for editing and creating personalized video or movies on Macs. Final Cut Pro can accept a variety of video sources from the camera, drive, network location and camera files, but not DVD video. Introducing the DVD into the FCP becomes a problem to be solved. This article focuses on how to get FCP DVDs free of charge on MacBook / iMac and edit DVDs in FCP to create your own videos.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to import DVDs into Final Cut Pro X / 7/6 for further editing. In fact, stripping DVD media into your video project is not necessarily a tricky process. To do this, you only need to convert DVDs to Final Cut Pro friendly formats and some hel…

Converting MP4 to view on DVD Player Easily and Quickly

Failed to play an MP4 file on DVD player? Don't worry! This article shows you an easy and quick way to convert MP4 to a DVD player playable video format.
As a big entertainment in our daily life, DVD player can brings us great movie enjoyment ia USB flash drive or Wifi connection. However, it is really a embarrassed thing when you tried to play common video formats like MP4 on DVD player, only to find your DVD player can't read the MP4 file, either from a digicam, or downloaded from the internet. So what's the matter? If you've trouble playing MP4 files on DVD player, read on for details.

Well, here are somereasons why we can't Burn or Play MP4 on DVD Player:
1. Majority of DVD players only accept MPEG-2 in a standard VOB format, and very few of them are compatible with MPEG-4 videos.
2. All standard DVD accept videos that conform to a certain resolution and BVOP settings. For instance, a majority of DVD players limit import to a resolution of 720 by 756 or…